february and march menus

first course

chestnut, celery root and apple soup

crab cakes with remoulade sauce and mesclun salad

roasted cauliflower gnocchi

potato and spring onion latke with hot and cold smoked salmon, preserved lemon aioli and herb salad



almond and lemon cake with berries and gelato

chocolate terrine with pistachio crème anglaise

meringues with pistachio paste, raspberries and chocolate sauce

earl grey gelato with warm chocolate sauce and cookies

berry trifle with crème anglaise

chocolate pudding with biscuits

apple tart with crème fraiche and a glass of corneilus apple jack


main course

spiced skirt steak with braised root vegetables and mashed potatoes

roast shoulder of  lamb with preserved lemon and vegetable couscous

zataar grilled game hens  served  with chickpea spinach stew, roasted carrots and persian rice

veal cutlets milanese  served with mashed potatoes and snap peas

beef and sangiovese ragout served with spaetzle, haricot vert and roasted carrots